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Two Things That Can Damage Your Driveway and Leave It in Need of Repair

Driveways are usually made from robust materials, like concrete, flagstone or asphalt. However, even durable materials such as these can deteriorate in certain circumstances. Here are two things that could potentially damage your driveway. Nearby trees A tree-lined street or path can look beautiful, which is why many homeowners choose to plant them along the edges of their driveways. However, whilst the aesthetic benefits of this are undeniable, trees can inflict major damage on driveways as they mature and expand in size. Read More 

Why Epoxy Coatings Are a Perfect Choice for Your Residential Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Are you thinking about resurfacing your residential concrete driveway but can't decide what type of protective coating you should apply on the driveway? Here's what would make epoxy coatings a great choice for your resurfacing. They are hard wearing. Concrete driveway contractors in many parts of Australia favour epoxy coatings because they give a lustrous finish with superior sturdiness and abrasion resistance. Most traditional epoxies are two-part surface coating systems that require mixing of an epoxy resin and a hardener at the proper ratio before application. Read More